3 Ways to Make Your Mark! (On your space)

(July 04, 2017 )

                                               Have you ever sat in a room in your home and thought, “Man, this room is boring!”  “How can I make my mark on this room?”  

What makes a room boring?  It is “builder’s beige”, in fact, everything in the room may be beige.  It may not contain any of your favourite colours or elements like a certain kind of wood, metal or art.  What does making your mark on a room mean?  It means that your personality is reflected in
your space.

Here are 3 ways to make your mark on your space:

  1. Choose your favourite colour to be the accent colour in your space                                                                either through a feature wall or accent cushions, vases, picture frames or tablecloths.
  2. Select your favourite materials like: metals, woods, glass, etc.  Have those as key accents around the room on tables, shelves or as main design features such as a fountain.
  3. Only have pieces that go with your chosen scheme in that space.  Don’t throw in a black wool pillow in a coral and white room.

Enjoy your newly updated space and may your space nurture you – body, mind and spirit!

Duhita Speck | Interior Designer/Decorator/Organizer/Stager | www.specktaculardesigns.com